Enter. Recollect. Dream. Listen. Watch. Recognize. Taste. Set out.

Classic Cars Gallery is a unique place where memories and dreams mingle together. Touring cars, sports cars, competition cars with unique history, models of various brands from all over the world, representatives of extraordinary eras. Take a look at the cars on display in their original and restored condition, which open the hearts of young and adult car lovers alike. We view the worthy counterbalance to traditional expositions in show rooms as the natural effort to elevate the object of a private collector's passion to the living proof of human desire for perfection, speed and beauty. These are the objects that should be seen by all those who are able to appreciate them.

Besides the actual exposition the gallery is a venue for interesting lectures, social meetings, thematic modern art exhibitions and car auctions. And it of course is the place where classic cars traditionally start their competitions.

The gallery premises may currently be visited only during special events or following prior agreement.